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Our sales and trading team provide proactive, differentiated service that answers each of our client’s unique investment disciplines. Our tailored insights are enhanced by providing corporate access through conferences, non-deal roadshows, bus tours and group investor calls.

Trading Desk (800)-842-6229


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Institutional Sales
Storey Charbonnet – Sales Manager / Member(504) 584-1228(800)
Scott Brown – Member(504) 584-1239(800)
Lenny Culicchia – Member(504) 584-1223(800)
Craig Dermody – Member(504) 584-1222(800)
Brandt Enos(504)
Bobby Green – Member(504) 584-1298(800)
Mark Gundlach – Member(504)
Courtney Le Clercq – Member(504)
Morgan Nalty – Member(504) 584-1209(800)
John Rowan – Member(504) 584-1294(800)
Farrel Weil, Jr.(504) 584-1271(800)